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Our Philosophy

Other providers understand what you need and give you what you want.

We understand what you want
and give you what you need.


Customer requirements are changing.

Markets are being disrupted.

Rigid systems and slow processes can’t adapt.

We unleash better performance within your organisation, despite this difficult terrain.

Our mutual Journey

Every organisation is different; our three-step approach to designing and delivering your performance architecture reflects that.

Understand the challenges you're facing
  • We listen to you
  • We ask questions
  • We learn your processes
  • We analyze your outcomes
  • We discover what matters most
Focus on the leverage points
  • Together, we define the criteria of success
  • We bring the right people in
  • We identify the right path forward
  • We prepare for action
Realize a contextualised performance archtitecture
  • We build your high performance solution
  • We monitor the progress and impact
  • We achieve success

Meet the Performance Architects

Loretta Fokuhl is a true catalyst. She is the critical interface between our customers and partners, and the organising force for new business areas. Her foresight and communication allow us to develop deep and rewarding relationships.

Loretta Fokuhl

Senior Manager Strategy & Business Development

David Ender specialises in strategic direction, team coordination and honest communication. He walks the path alongside you — advising with honesty and compassion —and ensures that you find the individualised solution you never knew you needed.

David Ender

Acting Director

Katharina Rönnfeld has yet to encounter an idea she can’t breathe life into. She operates with unending passion and perseverance, transforming your requirements into deliverable solution increments.

Katharina Rönnfeld

Head of Product Management

Michael Frautz sees your organisation’s vision and translates it — with your guidance — into a common, actionable mission. His mission-driven approach creates optimal performance architectures and impactful solutions.

Michael Frautz

Managing Director

Thomas Breckenfelder is your man for giving insight and comprehensive details on our product portfolio. With his broad sales experience, he has the perfect solution to simplify your daily business.

Thomas Breckenfelder

Growth Manager

Sven Kaiser loves B2B-Marketing and is passionate about it. He always focuses on the customer needs first. With an excellent strategic vision on the one hand and a feel for the operational details on the other, he designs custom-fit corporate communication that fits the goals and the time.

Sven Kaiser

Head of Marketing

Success Stories


driving Sales with timely Content


A key stakeholder summarised relevens’ challenge during an early discussion:

“Our sales team has too many information and content sources. They can’t find what they need at the right time. Surfacing content is time-consuming; the maintenance required is enormous; everything is over-complicated.”


We targeted the sales department’s primary requirement: relevant information that is accessible at just the right time and in a manner that satisfies the users’ needs.

We designed an integrated platform that simplified customer engagement, enhanced sales effectiveness, and provided relevens with the ability to measure and manage their process with ease.


Relevant content is delivered to sales staff quickly and in a digestible way. System upkeep is streamlined and folded into everyday operations. Platform and content usage are easy to evaluate, and used to drive continuous processes improvements.

The result is a solution that enables sales to be more effective in less time, with less effort. A typical performance oriented solution.

Asset Recovery Processes

Excel is not something we associate with the future. Complex sales processes are now easy to carry out.


Want a breath of fresh air?
Of course, managing a complex ordering process with an Excel sheet is possible. But it is a laborious and error-prone process for everyone, especially if an interaction between manufacturers, customers, partners, Sales, Legal, Contract Department, etc. is to function optimally.


When sellers and buyers meet, it should be an easy, fast and transparent interaction. These values are our framework for a solution that can do much more than just display static lists.


We have made sure that the process is simpler, clearer, more comprehensible and sustainably better for everyone involved. This has paved the way to a significant increase in sales – and even at significantly lower costs.

Configure-to-Purchase Processes

Easy testing, better buying – Individual hardware configuration instantly calibrated to your inventory and potential compatibilities.


With this simple idea in mind, we analyzed an established system with several levels of complexity and the associated internal and cross-corporate processes.


Our goal was for customers to be able to order their desired system effortlessly and with no waiting time – with the certainty that all components are in stock and compatible.


We’ve developed a solution that manages warehousing, compatibility and availability, and also offers alternative configurations when certain parts are out of stock – all for the fastest, most satisfactory and uncomplicated delivery possible. And incidentally, we’ve also developed a new business model to increase profit margins and achieve operational excellence.

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