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Our approach

Why does the moment before you jump determine how you will dive in? – Focus

Eliminating everything that is unnecessary for the jump and focusing on what is relevant at that moment brings top performance.

It’s no different in sales.

In order to win customers, you have to be able to focus on the customer –
on the customer’s needs, on what’s relevant, rather than on everything around it –
Focus helps your employees achieve peak performance.

Reduce information overload to immerse yourself more quickly in your customers.


relevens is a specialized content and information platform designed to drive sales performance.

It delivers timely, relevant information to sales teams and facilitates smooth interactions between Sales, Product Management, Sales Enablement and Marketing teams.


The software at glance

relevens uses relevant content to enhance sales performance. Effective content and critical information is easily accessed, compiled, presented and used to close deals.

Content on relevens is simple to share, maintain, manage and evaluate. Optimized for use by sales, product management, marketing and sales enablement teams, relevens enables cross-discipline collaboration and performance.

Smart content

Content is valuable; it can be used to tell stories, provide evidence, and convince customers. Content is also hard to produce; it requires great effort from experts.

There’s often too much of it (in comparison to what is needed to convince the customer), and it’s difficult to find the right piece at the right time.

The solution is smart, efficient content analysis:

  • Evaluating content’s contribution to sales
  • Highlighting relevant items
  • Surfacing impactful pieces in a timely manner
  • Indicating gaps and opportunities for improvement
Functions that understand how people think

Finding is better than searching. relevens has built-in features that identify relevant content and streamline access, understanding, and presentation.


Content that drives Sales

relevens’ dashboard displays everything you need to know, including employee-content interaction and content performance. Evaluation, management, and comparison are simplified.

Targeted Content Creation

relevens identifies content opportunities and allows teams from different disciplines to work together. Product Management, Marketing and Sales can coordinate easily, creating, managing and continuously optimizing content that increases sales and contributes to objectives.

The right Content for every Sales Scenario

relevens built-in functions speed up the process of content discovery. Relevant content and information is easy to find, analyse, prepare and present.

Smart Content Recommendations

relevens’ built-in functions speed up the process of content discovery. Relevant content and information is easy to find, analyse, prepare and present.

Simplified Strategy Rollout

Content within relevens is weighted to align with high level initiatives and critical goals. The content discovered, compiled and leveraged within relevens compliments and contributes to corporate strategy.

Quick overview

  • Find content easily
  • Operation geared to the requirements of Sales

Ongoing evaluations and analyses

  • Tool for the continuous optimization of the content
  • Distinguish relevant content from unnecessary content
  • Influence turnover
  • Identify today where tomorrow’s turnover will be
  • Valuable support for product management, marketing and sales enablement, with the aim of increasing turnover

The right functions to optimally support sales in their work

  • Making the complex simple
  • Features support product management and marketing in the provision and management of relevant content
  • All information, whether customer brochures, Battlecard, presentations, learning videos and much more, is easy to access
  • Intuitive search function

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